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Call Center Reps: The Real Backbone of Customer Service

Call Center Reps: The Real Backbone of Customer Service

Literally, the superheroes of our time

Call centers definitely don’t have the best reputation. They’re synonymous with interrupted dinners, unwanted early Saturday morning wake-up calls, and unhappy employees. But what about those passive call centers? The customer service reps who don’t call us, but who we rely on when our internet suddenly goes out? Or the ones we call when we find out there’s a charge on our VISA from somewhere in Hawaii over the weekend, when we, in reality, spent all weekend doing yard work?

As far as I’m concerned, their uniforms should be superhero capes, if they’re not already.

Those call centers, I’ll argue, are the most underrated aspects of customer service. And some of the most overlooked when it comes to employee morale and comfort. I don’t know about you, but in my time of crisis (AKA no wifi during my Netflix binge session), I need someone who is understanding, yet in charge. Personable, yet authoritative. Someone who will sympathize, but also fix my problem in 10 minutes or less. And the only way that level of customer service can be reached is by employee satisfaction.

Increasing Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction could mean anything as large as a whole office layout renovation, to a simple change in paint color, lighting, and deskspace. But the best place to start with increasing your customer satisfaction is to increase your employees moral. An employee who feels their employer will go out of their way for them is more likely, in turn, to go out of their way for their customers.

Make sure each employee has the equipment and space they need to be successful.

In short, the idea and stigma behind call centers should not match the reality. Give employees an environment they love coming to, and the productivity increase will speak for itself.

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