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Holiday Office Party Tips

Holiday Office Party Tips

They are the stuff of movies and jokes. They often involve gift exchanges and potluck. Some are fun and some are forced fun. Some are the highlight of the year, and some are a dreaded annual event.

Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny them: we are in the season of the Office Holiday Party.

If you’re looking for ideas to liven up your Office Holiday Party, one of the things you might consider is a fun gift exchange. You don’t want to burden your employees during an already expensive time of year, so it’s a good idea to put a price limit on the gift. A limit of $15 or $20 won’t burden a budget.

Gift exchanges can be a hassle, trying to find the right gift. But what if you turned it into an opportunity to get toys for children who might not otherwise have them during the holidays?

Have employees draw names in your gift exchange, and tell them to buy a toy that can be donated. The toy should remind them in some way of the person whose name they drew, and they should explain why they chose the toy.

You might be surprised at how much fun it turns out to be!

Put a favorite holiday movie playing in the background during your office party. Will Farrell’s Elf has become a classic and is universally loved, or you might opt for something more nostalgic like “Miracle on 34th Street.”

If your office party is going to be held at the office, maybe you should cater the event. Or you could do a potluck meal. A way to make a potluck fun is by making it themed. Rather than traditional holiday fare, theme your potluck recipes – Mexican or Tropical or Mediterranean foods could give your holiday party a new flair.

Fun activities like a homemade photo booth (make a backdrop and use the camera on your mobile device) or a present wrapping contest could prove to bring a little excitement to your party.

An office party can be a stilted affair, but if you want your Holiday Party to be an event employees look forward to, planning to have fun is the first step.

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