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Office Relocation and Moving Furniture

Dec 7, 2020

Relocating an Office is More Work Than You Thought

So often companies move to new spaces and have to basically recycle or re-use the majority of the furniture from their old office. Sometimes, budgets simply don’t allow for all new furnishings. This is can be both good and bad. The good being that you’ll save tons not buying new office furniture, the bad being that you have to move all of that furniture. Moving is a huge thing to take on and requires a fair amount of consideration and planning that will go into it. Without being an expert, there could be a few factors you may not have weighed out.

Commercial Space and Configuration

Whenever you buy from office furniture showrooms, they normally provide complimentary design planning. If you’re not buying from a dealer, that’s where the challenges lie. Just because some people are great at architectural and interior design, it doesn’t mean that they are furniture configuration experts. In fact, most firms that offer those services are looking for more than just your perfect furniture layout. Their furniture design plans are normally somewhat generic and fall short of being inventive, and will often lack the proper showcasing of your current furniture. Thinking of all aspects allows a furniture design team to come up with an innovative plan that allows for enough space for everyone involved while keeping the team together and maximizing workflow, and maybe, even morale.

It’s best to search for a furniture group that can work with you and the architect of your new office or interior designer to really make the office work. Fitting 50 people in your current space is great, but what if there’s a way to improve what you’re working with in your new place so that you can enjoy all the benefits of it?

Some things to consider when planning out your office’s furniture configuration:

  • Door swing direction
  • Different dimensions
  • Window locations
  • Ceiling height(s)
  • Lighting
  • Overall flow

Smaller, private offices that have desks in them that face one direction, may not work in the new setting. It may not always be easy for your employees to use their existing furniture, but hiring an outside hand, or buying new or gently used furniture can really be of help. Just imagine, workers don’t even want to give up chairs, how would they react if they were told you had to rearrange their entire workspace? It does muddy the waters a little, but negotiations and sacrifices may have to be made if you’re not buying new furniture for your office.

One cubicle is the amalgamation of over 50 pieces, and all of your cubicles are engineered for your current layout. Any time you change the layout, all of the parts and pieces have to be there to bring it together. Believe it or not, when you move furniture into a new configuration, you will almost always need additional connectors, power components, and miscellaneous parts. Many companies don’t find this out until the move is almost complete. 

Atlanta Office Liquidators

Atlanta Office Liquidators Inc offers expert office space configuration and layout planning that is very sensibly priced. Choosing AOLI for your space planning and office furniture needs cuts the workload of moving in half. No office furniture company in Atlanta or the Southeast abides by better customer service standards and practices. Give our office a call for a quote today at 404-505-9623.

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