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Upgrade The Office & Brighten Your Breakroom

Upgrade The Office & Brighten Your Breakroom

Each and every day, employees spend numerous hours working hard to achieve company goals and objectives, from the most mundane tasks to the most challenging issues. Regardless of what field they work in, office employees need motivation to push through long days and a relaxing environment to socialize. The best breakroom is centered on the wants and needs of the employees, so read on to see how you can create the breakroom that brings a positive and productive vibe to your workplace.

A Vibrant Environment

Instead of standard white walls, find a color for the break room that stands out from the rest of the office space. The breakroom should feel like its own place, separate from the rest of the office. Establishing an atmosphere unique from the rest of the office starts with a mood that is set by the office space. If you are going for a breakroom that is vibrant and fun, look for a color that pops and catches the eye, like blue or green. A mellower breakroom could be painted with variants of yellow or red. No matter the color, the uniqueness that distinguishes your breakroom from regular office space makes it more relaxing for the people of the office.


The furniture that fills an office space should be modern and relaxing. There should be a standard area for employees to eat meals. This can be styled with tall chairs with back support matched to tables that provide a large amount of space, allowing groups large or small to sit comfortably and enjoy eating together. Chairs and sofas are great for when employees are simply seeking a break, giving them a space to relax or socialize. AOLI provides a variety of different furnishings that can be used to give your office breakroom that can help recharge employees.

All Fun and Games

When workers take a break, they have the opportunity to bond with their coworkers. Having board games, puzzles, and even video games (if affordable) are great ways to take a step back and enjoy time spent with others in the workplace. This can bring workers together and help reduce stress as well. When a breakroom has fun activities for employees to relax and do, they are more productive and motivated throughout the day.

Foods and Snacks

Most breakrooms have the basics: coffee, water, and a vending machine. A simple way to start is by adding variety to this selection. Having different flavors of coffee and adding beverages such as hot chocolate and tea are simple steps to bettering the breakroom. If you are looking to add more beyond this, try holding a monthly celebration, during which employees all bring in different food items. This can build the culture of the workplace and bring everyone closer together.

With the right combination of stress relief, relaxation, and positivity, you can build a better office environment and be more productive than ever!

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