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AIS Inc. Benching Matrix Customized Panel System

For sophistication and functionality. For versatility. For a completely customizable, surprisingly cost-effective panel system that meets the wide-ranging demands of today’s office environments, choose Matrix. Tailor it to your needs, your tastes. Impress for less.

Introduce Matrix to your office environment, and get a long-term solution to space management needs. Matrix is ideal for integrating off-modular components for optimal space planning and flexible reconfiguration. With an off-modular configuration, you can create footprints of various sizes in the field without disrupting neighboring workstations. Off-modular panels are easy to integrate around structural poles and tombstone electrical areas in floors. You can also use them in those difficult long runs where you need structural support. With flipper doors, shelves and other components, accessories and storage options available in various sizes, Matrix lets you integrate them just about anywhere, no matter the space limitations. Design around difficult space restrictions and perfectly meet your needs.

This is a system that can not only improve your office environment’s appearance, but also its impact on people. Simply add glass – we offer a range of types – to your Matrix system, and you’ll boost the light radiated throughout the office. This can help boost your employees’ productivity, health and outlook. The key word with Matrix is, indeed, flexibility. Create a warm, upscale and stunning environment, or design something simple and clean. Matrix allows you to efficiently and easily develop virtually any style and size of workspace. Our full-frame design and tile-mounting system means you’ll face fewer challenges when you confront a new footprint or task. Simply choose the tiles you need – they’re available in sizes of 8″ to 64″ and 11 different styles.

45.9% recycled content

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