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Composium Curve Lounge Chair

Introducing Composium® Curve, a versatile seating solution that seamlessly integrates transitional styling with durable functionality, ideal for collaboration areas and group housing environments. Crafted with robust steel rail construction, Composium Curve is engineered to endure heavy usage in demanding settings, all while ensuring optimal comfort and style.

Key Features:

– Available in club, settee, and sofa sizes, offering a comprehensive range to suit various seating needs and spatial requirements.
– Leveraging PatternMatch™ expertise, each piece boasts meticulous upholstery alignment, with multiple fabric options available to enhance customization.
– Built with durable steel rail construction, Composium Curve delivers unmatched durability and resilience, making it well-suited for industrial, formal higher education, or assisted living settings.
– Choose from three back types—square, round, and scalloped—and four valance styles—full, integrated, 3/4, and arched—to tailor the aesthetic to your preferences.
– Thirteen foot styles, including casters, metal poles, and wood, provide versatility in functional requirements, ensuring seamless integration with any environment.
– Optional clean-out space facilitates easy maintenance and upkeep, promoting cleanliness and hygiene in shared spaces.
– Upholding sustainable manufacturing practices, Composium Curve is part of our Take Back Program, contributing to eco-conscious initiatives.
– Each seat is backed by a 300 lb weight capacity warranty, offering reliability and peace of mind to users.
– Optional power module available for added convenience and functionality, catering to modern connectivity needs.

Discover the perfect fusion of durability, style, and versatility with Composium Curve—a seating solution designed to elevate any space with its transitional charm and enduring performance.

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Item#: Composium Curve

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Wood Finishes:

-Clear Maple
-Medium Cherry
-Amber Mahogany

Arms & Power:

-Square Back
-Round Back
-Scalloped Back


-Full Valance
-3/4 Valance
-Arched Valance
-Integrated Valance


– Non-locking Caster ( Black or silver)
– Locking Caster (Black or silver)
-Metal 1.5- in pole ( Brushed aluminum or Silver powder coat)
– Standard plastic (Black)
– Wood Tapered Cylinder
– Wood Tapered Square
– Wood Tapered Square with Side Rails
– Metal Angular (Brushed Aluminum)