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Edge Lounge Chair

With a variety of bases and upholstery options to choose from, the Edge chair can be tailored to fit any reception area. Request a quote today! 


  • Full upholstered, metal frame structure with signature injection molded foam 
  • Multiple upholstery grades/options available 
  • 4 base styles to choose from 
    • Brushed disc with auto return to center function 
    • 4-leg swivel with auto return to center function
    • 4-leg Walnut finish 
    • 26″ 5-star base in black, white, polished aluminum, or brushed aluminum 
  • Separate seat for optional contrastiing upholstery
  • Two control options:
    • Swivel (height adjustable)
    • Return to center
  • 400 lb weight capacity 

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