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Gobi Lounge Chair

Transition seamlessly between work, waiting, and productivity with Gobi, your ultimate companion for open and collaborative spaces. Designed to accommodate your dynamic needs, Gobi effortlessly combines sculpted comfort with a contemporary, relaxed aesthetic, ensuring every moment in the office is both comfortable and productive.

Key Features:
1. Embrace a minimalist aesthetic with clean lines and precision-tailored stitching, adding sophistication to any space.
2. Flared arms offer ample space for personal belongings such as bags and laptops, promoting organization and efficiency.
3. Enjoy enhanced comfort with soft, sculpted curves that provide ergonomic support during extended periods of use.
4. Customize your seating experience with multiple upholstery options available for the seat cushion, allowing for personalization to suit your style.
5. Choose from three metal and wood finishes for the base, allowing for seamless integration with existing decor schemes.
6. Opt for the auto-return cylinder feature, available exclusively on the metal base, ensuring consistent alignment and ease of use.
7. Backed by a 300 lb weight capacity warranty, providing durability and reliability for users of varying sizes.

Gobi redefines the modern workspace by seamlessly blending style and functionality, ensuring every interaction in the office is both comfortable and productive.

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Item#: GBI.BH4 Midback Lounge

Additional information

Weight 51 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 30.25 × 31.5 in
Weight Capacity:

300 lbs

Base StylesL


Metal Finishes

Polished Aluminum

Wood Finish:

Skyline, Colombian, Uptown