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Oasis Soft Phone Booth

The Oasis Soft phone booth provides a cost-effective solution for creating stylish and functional environments condusive to private phone calls, video conferences, or a silent retreat for uninterrupted work. Equipped with a tempered glass door, accoustic lined panels, and a soft curved design, the Oasis Soft phone booth is practical, private, and comfortable.

  • Powder coated metal door frame available in 12 standard colors 
  • Internal and external panels available in 24 Mayer fabric colors
  • Optional standing height work surface 
  • Right or left hand door
  • Occupancy sensor
  • LED ceiling unit
  • Accoustic lined panels 
  • Optional wall integrated power/USB 
  • Optional air purification system
  • Unlike other systems, the Oasis Soft acoustic phone booth has no base and stands directly on your office floor for no trip hazard, quick installation, and easy relocation

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