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Pivit Frame Benching

Achieve a cohesive aesthetic from private offices to open floor plan benching with the versatile Pivit Collection. Available in the same three finishes as Pivit Frame Desks, Pivit Frame Benching allows you to match or contrast your private offices with a highly functional and flexible benching system.



  • SURFACE FINISHES: Grey Ash, Café, White
  • LEGS FINISHES: Silver, Black or White
  • SPINE SCREEN: Frosted Acrylic
  • Durable Laminate Surfaces
  • 60″ Frame Legs for 30″ Deep Benching or 48″ Frame Legs for 24″Deep Benching
  • Shared Legs for Increased Knee Swing
  • Power and Data Trough
  • Frameless Privacy Screens Option
  • 48″, 60″, 72″ In-Stock Surfaces
  • Pair with Pivit Freestanding storage or Mobile Peds
  • Monitor Arms
  • Clamp-on Power

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