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Prise Bench Modular

The Prise modular bench sounds like a fantastic solution for modern workplaces! Here’s how you could structure a description or promotional material around its features:

Introducing the Prise Modular Bench: Your Gateway to Efficient Workspace Solutions

Say goodbye to clutter and welcome productivity with open arms. The Prise Modular Bench is not just furniture; it’s a revolution in workspace design. Crafted with precision and engineered for functionality, Prise brings together contemporary aesthetics and practicality seamlessly.

**Effortless Screen Mounting with Center Aluminum Extrusion**
Gone are the days of struggling with complex mounting systems. Prise simplifies the process with its center aluminum extrusion, ensuring that setting up your screens is a breeze. Say hello to a clutter-free desk space that promotes focus and creativity.

**Power and Wire Management Made Simple**
We understand the importance of a tidy workspace. That’s why Prise comes standard with power and wire management features. Bid farewell to tangled cables and messy desks. With Prise, organization is not just a goal; it’s a standard.

**Robust Steel Frame Construction**
Durability meets elegance with Prise’s steel frame construction. Built to withstand the demands of modern work environments, Prise ensures longevity without compromising on style. Your investment in Prise is an investment in quality.

**Customizable Power Options**
Tailor your workspace to your needs with Prise’s customizable power options. Standard power includes four outlets per user, with the option to add data capabilities for enhanced connectivity. Prise adapts to your requirements, ensuring that you’re always powered up and ready to go.

**Available in Multiple Sizes**
From 24″ to 30″ depths and 48″ to 72″ widths, Prise offers versatility without compromise. Whether you’re outfitting a compact workstation or designing a collaborative hub, Prise has the dimensions to suit your space.

Experience the future of workspace design with Prise Modular Bench. Transform your environment, elevate your productivity, and embrace the power of innovation. With Prise, the possibilities are endless.


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Item#: Prise

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 72 in
Single Sided or Back-to-Back:

– Single Side One Seat
– Single Side Two Seat
– Single Side Three Seat
– Single Side Four Seat
– Back to Back Two Seat
– Back to Back Four Seat
– Back to Back Six Seat
– Back to Back Eight Seat

Return Base:

– Rectangular Return

Return Top:

– Return Top
– Return Top W/ Grommets

Base Finishes:

– White

Tabletop Finish Grade 1:

– Ankara Cherry
– Brazilian Walnut
– Driftwood
– Sandalwood
– Cabinet Maple
– Libretti
– Walnut Amati
– Queenston Oak
– Black
– Folkston Grey
– White

Tabletop Finish Grade 2:

– Neo Walnut
– Grey Elm
– Skyline Walnut
– Kingswood Walnut
– Uptown Walnut
– Colombian Walnut
– Manitoba Walnut
– Tuscan Walnut
– Field Elm
– Steel Mesh
– Portico Teak
– Platinum
– Grey
– Frosty White
– Crisp Linen
– Classic Linen
– Designer White