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Sprout Multipurpose Stacking Chair

The Sprout chair presents an ingenious fusion of ergonomic excellence and eco-friendly design, offering a supportive and sustainable seating solution for diverse environments.

Key Features:

– Space-saving design with high-density stacking capabilities, allowing up to 40 chairs on a cart and 10 on the floor, maximizing space utilization.
– Ergonomic contouring with a 10-degree flexing back provides superior comfort and support, promoting proper posture and reducing fatigue.
– Durable and simple shell + frame construction ensures easy maintenance and makes the chair 100% recyclable at the end of its lifecycle, reflecting a commitment to sustainability.
– Slim lines and refined silhouette complement an array of environments, seamlessly integrating into various interior design aesthetics.
– Large clean-out feature facilitates quick and efficient cleaning, ensuring a hygienic seating experience.
– Ganging option allows chairs to be securely locked together, creating well-ordered rows for organized seating arrangements.
– Choice of 9 shell colors and 2 frame colors, offering versatile style options to suit different preferences and decor themes.
– Robust construction with a 300 lb weight capacity warranty, ensuring durability and stability.
– Backed by a lifetime warranty, reflecting the manufacturer’s commitment to quality and longevity.

Customizable Options:

– Model: Wire Rod
– Frame Finishes: Chrome or Black
– Glide Options: No Glide, Clear Glide, or Clear Glide With Felt
– Additional Options: Stacking Cart and Ganging Bracket

Experience the perfect blend of ergonomic comfort and eco-friendly design with the Sprout chair, a versatile and sustainable seating solution that thrives in any environment, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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