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Switchback 2 – Stage Heigh Adjustable Desk

Introducing Switchback: Redefining Ergonomics and Versatility in Height-Adjustable Tables.

Achieving the perfect ergonomic position is paramount to reducing fatigue and preventing injury during long work hours. With Switchback, our state-of-the-art height-adjustable table, achieving optimal comfort and productivity is as easy as pressing a button. Tailor your workspace to your unique needs by configuring Switchback with a range of leg options and an extensive selection of top shapes and workstation add-ons. Experience unparalleled simplicity and versatility with Switchback—the ultimate solution for modern work environments.

Key Features:

– Extensive Height Range: With a height range of 26.8 to 46.5 inches (including 1-1/8 inch top), Switchback accommodates users of all heights, allowing everyone to find their ideal working position effortlessly.
– Advanced Safety Technology: Equipped with gyro anti-collision technology from a patented sensor, Switchback ensures a safe working environment by automatically stopping and retracting the table upon contact with any object.
– User-Friendly Controls: Enjoy the convenience of push-button controls with four user-customized positions, enabling seamless adjustment for enhanced comfort and productivity.
– Versatile Leg Options: Choose between T-leg or C-leg options to suit your aesthetic preferences and workspace requirements.
– Customizable Design: Select from eleven different durable laminate options and three powder-coated metal finishes (silver, black, or white) to personalize your Switchback table and complement your style.
– Swift Adjustment: With an adjustment speed of 1.5 inches per second, Switchback facilitates smooth transitions between sitting and standing positions, promoting dynamic movement throughout the workday.
– Energy Efficiency: With standby power consumption of less than 0.1W, Switchback minimizes energy usage, contributing to a sustainable workspace environment.
– Ample Power Cord Length: The 98.5-inch power cord ensures convenient access to power outlets, allowing flexible placement of your Switchback table.
– Flexible Top Sizes: Choose from usable top sizes ranging from 24 to 30 inches (width) and 42 to 84 inches (length) to accommodate various workspace configurations.
– Low Noise Operation: Operating at approximately 39 dB (excluding ambient noise), Switchback provides a quiet working environment, enhancing focus and concentration.
– Code Compliance: Chicago Code Compliant with a 3-conductor type cord featuring a grounded 3-prong molded case plug, ensuring safety and compliance with local regulations.
– Robust Weight Capacity: Backed by a 250 lb weight capacity warranty, Switchback is engineered to support your work essentials with confidence and reliability.

Experience the pinnacle of ergonomic design and functionality with Switchback—a leading solution designed to elevate your workspace experience to new heights.

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Item#: Switchback 2

Additional information

Dimensions 84 × 30 × 48.7 in

– T Leg
– C Leg


– Fixed Glides
– Casters

Base Finishes:

– Black
– Silver
– White

Tabletop Finish Grade 1:

– Ankara Cherry
– Brazilian Walnut
– Driftwood
– Sandalwood
– Cabinet Maple
– Libretti
– Walnut Amati
– Queenston Oak
– Black
– Folkston Grey
– White

Tabletop Finish Grade 2:

– Neo Walnut
– Grey Elm
– Skyline Walnut
– Kingswood Walnut
– Uptown Walnut
– Colombian Walnut
– Manitoba Walnut
– Tuscan Walnut
– Field Elm
– Steel Mesh
– Portico Teak
– Platinum
– Grey
– Frosty White
– Crisp Linen
– Classic Linen
– Designer White