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Tuck Guest & Stacker Chair

Introducing Tuck®, an intelligently designed high-density stacking chair that seamlessly integrates into any space, ready to meet your seating needs with convenience and efficiency. Crafted for versatility, Tuck® effortlessly “tucks” away when not in use, making it the perfect solution for training sessions, hospitality environments, and temporary applications.

The Tuck® chair is available in two configurations: 4-Leg and Sled-Base, each offering distinct stacking capabilities tailored to diverse requirements. The 4-Leg version effortlessly stacks 20 units high on a Dolly, while the Sled-Base variant accommodates an impressive 35 units on the same dolly, optimizing storage and transport.

For added comfort, the 4-Leg and Sled-Base options with upholstered seats maintain practical stacking capabilities, allowing 12 units to stack on a Dolly and 12 units on the floor, respectively. The upholstered seat variants provide an additional touch of refinement.

The Tuck® chair is engineered with flexibility in mind, as it efficiently stacks 18 units high on a Dolly with an upholstered seat for the Sled-Base model and 6 units on the floor for both 4-Leg and Sled-Base variants with an upholstered seat.

For mobility, the caster-equipped model stacks four units on the floor. It’s important to note that the caster model does not stack on a dolly, ensuring stability during transport.

Tuck® redefines stacking chairs with its versatile design, providing a harmonious blend of functionality and space-saving convenience. Elevate your seating solutions with Tuck®, the chair that seamlessly adapts to your dynamic needs.

Experience unmatched quality and make this chair uniquely yours through customization. Bring your vision to life with personalized fabrics, colors, and base finishes tailored specifically for you.

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Item#: 11054-NA-CM-BSK-SSK-FA-AS

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Dimensions 23 × 22.5 × 32.25 in