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AIS Inc. Benching Divi Monolithic and Segmented Panel System

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Available in Infinite Panel Finishes, Upholstery Fabrics, Laminates, Edgebands, Paints & Veneers

Divi is designed to be the most cost-efficient monolithic and segmented panel system on the market. It offers unrivaled benefits, including panels in permanent monolithic, segmented, glass and stack configurations. The universal hinge connection system makes Divi one of the quickest panel systems to install; its flexible polypropylene hinge ensures quick and easy panel connections. With this unique connection system, it's simple to construct 60/120 degree or 45/135 degree environments without unique connectors.

Flexibility is key. Divi's flexibility makes it perfect for every application, making it easy to create sophisticated environments using segmented insert panels. Segmented insert panels provide users with the freedom to customize each panel to meet their needs. The front and back of each Divi insert panel can be specified independently, so panels can be monolithic on one side and segmented on the reverse. Panel inserts are conveniently sold as preconfigured options; they require no elevation planning. Unleash your creativity, change fabric insert colors or integrate glass. Each panel is an undefined palette waiting to be designed!

With standard lead-times, Divi offers quarter-glass and half-glass insert panels. Use them to create an increasingly open environment. Quarter-glass panels have 16″ high windows and are available at 50″, 66″ and 82″ heights. Half-glass panels have 32″ high windows and are available at 66″ and 82″ heights.

Creatively designed for reuse. Divi is a product of high standards in both engineering and design. Not only was it important to create a cost-efficient, flexible system, but AIS wanted a system that could be reused and one that did not compromise indoor air quality.

Divi easily adapts to new configurations and reuse. With the universal hinge connection system, panels can be reconfigured with the same hinge. Change fabrics on your insert panels to update the look, add stack-ons to create a more private office environment, add additional panels and worksurfaces to meet the needs of your employees. Whenever you need to refresh, reconfigure or redesign your workplace, Divi is ready to exceed your needs.

Divi is also a SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified product. That means it has been tested and is certified for low chemical emissions and does not contribute to indoor air pollution.
54.1%* recycled content *segmented

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